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About us

What drives us

MagicRide is a commuter vanpooling service operated by MagicBus, Inc. Our mission is to transform the way people commute and take cars off the road by making it radically easier for anyone to start, join, and organize vanpools.

We started MagicBus in 2016 to help solve the pain points that users have around commuting and wasting time behind the wheel. We believe that vanpooling, a form of public transit mostly used for long distance commuting, is a great form of transportation as it’s affordable and sustainable. However, riders often shy away from vanpooling because the current programs are offline, inflexible, and complex.

MagicBus brings vanpool online, and make the experience simpler, easier, and flexible.

If you want to learn more about our life story and how the founder met, check out this blog post!


Join our growing team to help people commuter in a flexible, shared, and sustainable way.