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Rides were meant to be shared.

MagicBus has created a flexible and dynamic vanpooling system that not only benefits riders, but the environment as well.



For an average commute of 50 miles per day, ridesharing can save you up 16% based on the average daily income in the United States. This savings is derived from reducing the cost of tolls, gas, vehicle maintenance, and depreciation.


By being a regular vanpool rider, you can get nearly two hours of each day back to yourself, giving you extra time to relax, read, and sleep.


Being able to see mutual riders on a regular basis allows for connections to be formed and a more enjoyable commuting experience.

Single-occupancy vehicles (SOVs)

Did you know that 44% of a billion car trips that are able to hold multiple riders are driven by a single passenger? For the average commuter that drives 50 miles per day, this alone produces 9.1 tons of CO2 per year.

This adds to traffic congestion, higher CO2 production, and higher levels of stress for drivers.

We can do better by sharing rides. Magicbus can help mobilize you as a commuter in a convenient and sustainable way.

Check out how much money and emission you can save with our commuter calculator.