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What is vanpooling?

Save money, save time, commute sustainably

Vanpools = Vans + Pools. Commuters who live or work in similar areas come together and form a group and commute together in a van.

Vanpools can range in size from 5 passengers to 12 passengers, and the van is driven by a volunteer from the group, or the group may rotate driving responsibilities.

Through MagicRide, you can join a vanpool and ride everyday or day-to-day. If there isn’t an existing vanpool that fits your schedule, you can suggest a new vanpool and we’ll find other riders going your way.

Why commuters love vanpooling


Save money on your commute

Share the drive and share the cost of the van, fuel, parking, tolls!


Get your time back

Leave the driving to someone else and use your free time to do what you want. Watching cat videos or napping are popular choices.


Reduce wear & tear on your vehicle

Keeping your car at home through the week means less miles and less maintenance.


Commute in a more sustainable way

Sharing the ride means less gas and emissions per passenger compared to a single occupancy vehicle trip.